KN95 Face Mask

Price as low as $.40 each



  • Thin & light multi-layer design.
  • Substantial breathing area allows for sufficient airflow circulation without touching lips
  • Flexible & Fold-able design for extra comfort and easy storage
  • Adjustable metal nose bridge for secure fit
  • Comfortable ear loop with stretch to fit all sizes
  • Highly compatible with other protective equipment like protective glasses and ear plugs




KN95 Face Masks


Our KN95 Disposable Face Masks are designed with non-woven fabric. They contain breathable properties and are skin-friendly. As disposable dust masks and nose covering, they can be used in various settings and works against air pollutants, pollen allergies, and dust particles. The mask has adjustable elastic straps which allow it to be worn around your ear. This helps the mask to fit tightly around your nose while avoiding slipping off. The flat foldable design and cutting allows the non-woven face mask to cover your face from the top of the nose to underneath the chin areas.

Color: White

Material: Non-woven Fabric


Fitting Instructions

Be sure to perform hand hygiene before putting on a mask. Hold the ear loops and make sure the nosepiece is facing up. Position the mask under your chin and over your nose. Place the ear loops over your ears until comfortable. Now use both hands and mold the nose-piece to your nose while pushing both sides downwards with the fingertips. Perform a fitting check by exhaling sharply. If air leaks, adjust the nose-piece.

Additional Information

Designed to achieve a very close facial fit and very efficient filtration of airborne particles. The ‘KN95’ designation means that when subjected to careful testing, small particles and bacteria are blocked.

Please note, this is NOT a medical rated mask and is meant for everyday civilian use. Our masks offer great daily basic protection but these are not N95 masks. We would NEVER compromise access to medical rated masks for front line workers.

KN95 foldable mask is suitable for adults daily travel protection. The KN95 mask is not to be used as a replacement for gas masks or as a medical mask. The mask cannot generate oxygen and should not be used in hypoxic environments. When used properly, the mask provides filter efficiency and effectively protects respiratory health. Use the KN95 mask to protect against dust, pollen, microorganisms, and air pollution. Use the mask within 3 years of manufacturer and should be stored in dry and ventilated location 23F – 122?F (-5C – 50C, relative humidity <80%). Please note that this is a disposable product. Do not wash the mask. Do not use the mask in medical and surgical environments.


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