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At Assure Distribution, we understand the critical role that PPE plays in safeguarding health and ensuring safety in numerous industries. We're committed to providing a comprehensive range of top-quality PPE, from medical-grade masks and gloves to safety goggles and protective clothing. Each product in our range meets stringent quality standards, offering you reliable protection when you need it most.

Our PPE Categories

Our range of protective clothing is designed for safety and comfort, providing comprehensive protection for various work environments. Whether you need coveralls, lab coats, or safety vests, we have you covered

We offer high-grade respiratory protection products designed to keep health workers, frontline professionals, and others safe from airborne hazards. Our selection includes N95 respirators, surgical masks, and more, all designed for maximum protection and comfort

We provide a variety of glove types suited to different industries and tasks. From nitrile and latex gloves for healthcare settings to heavy-duty work gloves for industrial applications, our selection is designed to meet your specific needs

Our eye and face protection gear is essential for ensuring safety in high-risk situations. We offer safety glasses, face shields, and goggles designed to protect against chemical splashes, flying particles, and other hazards

We’re proud to offer PPE products that adhere to rigorous quality standards. Many of our products are manufactured in the USA, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. Trust in our commitment to quality and safety as we continue to provide reliable, durable, and effective PPE solutions.

Trust in our commitment

In our mission to supply reliable personal protective equipment, we never compromise on quality. Our PPE products undergo a stringent quality assurance process, ensuring that each item meets and exceeds industry standards

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